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Where do you buy your fruit, vegetables and herbs? *

In relation to the fruit, vegetables and herbs you buy, how important are the following? *

How much of the following statements describe you?

I enjoy gardening

I like growing my own fruit and vegetables (in a garden)

I like growing my own fruit and vegetables (inside)

I always stay on top of what's new and cool

I'm interested in eating healthy food

I love cooking

How much of a barrier to growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs are the following?

Having a place to grow them *

Time it takes to plant, manage and maintain *

Mess and dirt *

Time it takes for the plants to fully grow *

If these barriers were taken away, would you be interested in growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs?

What would be the main reason for you wanting to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs? *

The following products are indoor plant growing solutions which claim to overcome many of the barriers mentioned above. 
Comparing them against each other, which solution would you be most likely to buy? *

*Microgreens are miniature plants, greens or vegetables.

What influenced you most in your decision?

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